Opening hours and library use


The Museum of Ethnography Library is a dedicated respository of scientific literature comprising over 185,000 volumes of interest to researchers in ethnography, anthropology, museology, and other social sciences (history, sociology, domestic studies, art history, archaeology, etc.).  In terms of scope, the library seeks to offer a complete collection of domestic publications on the topic of Hungarian ethnography, a select body of foreign literature on Hungary, and a significant body of general resources on ethnography and ethnology in languages other than Hungarian.  Indeed, given its extensive connections with foreign institutions, with particular reference to the publishers of international periodicals, the library houses a rich assemblage of professional literature on the topics of ethnography, ethnology, and anthropology from nearly every corner of the globe.

Opening hours:

Tuesday: 10.00 - 17.30

Wednesday, Thursday: 10.00 - 16.00

Friday: 10.00 - 15.00

Saturday, Sunday, Monday: Closed


Library of the Museum of Ethnography

H-1055 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos tér 12.



Counter services: (+36-1) 473-2438
Head of the library: (+36-1) 473-2437

Library use:

The library is open to the public.  Its services may be accessed by purchasing a library visitor’s card, day pass, or annual reader’s pass from the museum cashier.

Library services:

  • Library visit
  • Information on the library and library system services
  • Catalogue access
  • On-site use of resources
  • Information on professional literature, search assistance
  • Reprographic services (photocopying, scanning), digital photography using the reader’s own equipment
  • Access to footage in the ethnographic film archive database
  • On-site use of manuscripts from the Ethnological Archives
  • Interlibrary loan services
  • Group library activities, by appointment
  • Connection to the library’s wi-fi network from the visitor’s own laptop.


  • Visitor's pass: free for limited access
  • Day pass: 300 HUF/day
  • Application for 12-month reader’s pass:  1,000 HUF/year

Reprographic fees (for private purposes):

  • photocopying and printing:
    • A/4      black-and-white         30 HUF/page
    • A/3      black-and-white         45 HUF/page
    • A/4      colour                         210 HUF/page
    • A/3      colour                         350 HUF/page
  • Scanning: 400 HUF/image
  • Digital photo using brought equipment: 650 HUF/day/person
  • Digital reproduction: 475 HUF/pc
  • Writing of finished material to CD or DVD, in accordance with current disc price.

Where material is to be used for purposes other than private ones, a publication fee is charged subject to case-by-case agreement.