Edited by Tímea Bata and Zsuzsa Szarvas

Past and Present Stereotypes

Ethnological, Anthropological Perspectives

Magyar Néprajzi Társaság - Néprajzi Múzeum, Budapest, 2010. 184 p.


Zsuzsa Szarvas: Stereotypes of the exhibition - The exhibition of stereotypes

Outi Tuomi-Nikula: Tracing the Taciturn Finn

Anssi Halmesvirta: Transformation of the Hungarian Image of the Finn: The Results of Count Teleki's Expedition to Finland

Tímea Bata: Shamans, warriors from the Land of Metal - the symbolism of Finnish metal music

Attila Paládi-Kovács: Stereotype, community, mother tongue

Balázs Borsos: Stereotypes in the regional distribution of Hungarian folk culture

Pirjo Korkiakangas: The romanticised countryside - ethnological research and contryside nostalgia

Zsolt Sári: Rural heritage and image-building. Cultural heritage of rural society and sustainable development

Zsuzsa Batári: Antiques. Thoughts on the Stereotypes about Antiques and Collecting Objects in an Open Air Museum

Helena Ruotsala: "What do you think and know about Saami people?" Present stereotypes and images of Saami people in Finland

Sanna Lillbroända-Annala: Stereotypes particular to the minority of Swedish-speaking Finns in Finland. Some reflections from an insider's point of view

Veronika Lajos: Ethnographic Stereotypes and Reality as Experienced: The Empirical Present of the Moldavian Csángós' Everyday Life

Lajos Kemecsi: Ethnic images in distorted mirrors

Balázs Balogh: Some remarks about the notion of the fatherland of American-Hungarians

Réka Kiss: Denominational stereotypes in the interwar period

Jussi Lehtonen: Shop assistants in retail shops. A stereotypical salesperson in the 20th and 21th century Finland

János Bali: "Proles of the High-Rise Blocks of Flats". Creating Negative Stereotypes about the Residents of Housing Projects

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