Croatian Intangible Cultural Heritage on UNESCO Lists

8/Nov/2011 - 27/Nov/2011
Living tradition, knowledge, skills, creativity, beauty, diversity, continuity, handing down from generation to generation, pride, a feeling of identity, respect, inclusiveness, the permeation and inseparability of tangible and intangible culture, understanding, community, dialogue, communication with others, with nature and the universe and, above all, love - for without love and enthusiasm all the messages and meanings embodied deep within the complex phenomena of intangible cultural heritage would be superficial and less comprehensive.


By recognising and emphasising our intangible cultural heritage, we encourage positive feelings in a particular sphere towards family life, the community, our culture and nation. By understanding and highlighting the creativity of our own community, we understand better the creativity of others and the richness of diversity, which is a prerequisite for intercultural respect and dialogue.

With this internationally acknowledge selection of its intangible cultural heritage, Croatia has affirmed itself as a small country with creative people, culture and natural wealth. This description of various cultural traditions, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, shows the desire of local communities to continue to emphasise their ancient heritage, which is always living and fresh, and affirm publicly their cultural and national identity.

The variety of spheres and ways in which individual elements appear is a witness to the deep interweaving of traditions in contemporary community life, whether small or large, urban or rural. In a world of globalised standards, these treasures of traditional culture emphasise the need to continue valuing and respecting our heritage, as bequeathed to us by our parents, and which we will pass on to our children. To admit that each of us is special and unique is to acknowledge the creativity and creative potential of individuals and communities. With UNESCO's acknowledgement of this exhibition we have begun, gently, to open the treasure-chest of our intangible cultural heritage, so that the world and other cultures may see and enjoy it, for it is with them that we will contribute to a richer, fuller life for the children of tomorrow.

Exhibition is organized by Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia.
The exhibition has been produced in cooperation with Ethnographic Museum, Zagreb.