Breaking the Ice

Climate changes in Greenland, human consequences 17/Apr/2012 - 24/Jun/2012
For most people climate change remains a distant and intangible risk. In North Greenland, the climate change are a reality. In the recent decades, average temperatures in the Arctic has risen twice as fast as the rest of the world, and climate change is likely to accelerate further in the next decades.


This will contribute to major environmental, social and economic change in Greenland.
JégszakadásThe Exhibition gives the audience an idea of how climate change is experienced by the people of Ilulissat, situated near the famous ice fjord, which is now on Unesco's World Heritage. In a interview study made in 2010 it was clear, that the population of North Greenland are convinced that the climate change and the abuse of natural resources poses the greatest danger for the future.

The aim of the exhibition is to provide a better understanding of the need to find solutions to the challenges posed by climate change.
JégszakadásInterviews with a local fishing and hunting coordinator, policeman, nurse, public servant, veterinarian, the tourism operator, hotel manager, offshore coordinator, the mayor, dinghy fisherman, pilot, port manager, contractor, schoolboy 10th class, priest, museum director, business manager, school teacher, fisherman, adventurer, park ranger a.o.

All photos and video film recorded by the Greenland photographer Jorgen Chemnitz.

Curator: Jesper Boysen, The Danish Cultural Institute.