Pictorial Collective

25/Sep/2015 - 25/Oct/2015
World Press Photo 2015 accompanying exhibition <br> Conference hall

Pictorial Collective is a group of Hungarian photojournalists. It is such a community of photographers where members can work independently, inspiring and motivating each other in the same time. Their purpose is to make Pictorial outstanding professional workshop based on individual World Vision and closely related photographic thinking. Members of Pictorial believe that photographers are witnesses and messengers. It is important for them to show everyday situations and different problems with unique vision and perspective. The community currently consists of 11 photojournalist who were awarded numerous international and Hungarian prizes. Each one member tries to show the preferred topics based on his own feelings and impressions, among very different social and geographical surroundings. (www.pictorialcollective.hu).
Pictorial Collective exhibition is shown in the upstairs conference hall.

Fotó: Stiller Ákos
Fotó: Stiller Ákos