Green Roof

Rules of Using the Museum of Ethnography’s Green Roof

Dear Visitors,

Welcome to the roof garden of the Museum of Ethnography, where we have created more than 7,000 m 2 green area with a diverse and rich flora. The new park is a community space, which can be visited freely and offers a special panorama of the City Park and Heroes' Square from its highest points.

We need to ensure safe and responsible use, so everyone can happily enjoy the roof garden. By following the safety rules detailed below, we can do our best to ensure that everyone - young and old - can enjoy Budapest's new curved green area without accidents. 

The Roof Garden can only be accessed from outside the building!


We are open.

The green roof of the Museum of Ethnography is an area partially open to the public, which each visitor is free to use at his/her own risk. 
The green roof areas open to the public can be visited 0-24 hours.

Come and look around

From the roof garden you can see the Heroes' Square, the House of Music, the renovated Museum of Fine Arts and even the Parliament. The City Park and Budapest are at your feet.

Dear Parents and Accompanying Adults, please keep an eye on the children in your care! Underage children must be accompanied by an adult to use the roof garden. In all cases, the physical safety of children is the responsibility of their parents or the accompanying adults.

You should take a few precautions for your safety

Sports - especially cycling, scootering, motorbikes, roller-skating, skateboarding, tobogganing, skiing, kite-flying, ball games - are not allowed here, as they endanger the safety of roof garden users. There are plenty of much better areas for these sports in the renewed City Park.

There is an electronic surveillance system in the area to monitor that everyone is respecting the rules of use.  If you do not comply with the rules, you may be warned or expect action by the authorities. In the event of a violation of rights caused by the actions of security, the visitor may lodge a complaint with the City Park Ltd (at the complaint handling e-mail address, file a police report or initiate civil proceedings.

Pay attention to the weather conditions

Steps and grassy areas are dangerous for tripping and slipping, please pay attention! When there is a thunderstorm with lightning, the roof can become dangerous, and you must leave the area immediately if you are warned by security guards.

Main rule is peaceful coexistence

Please be patient, be respectful and do not disturb each other with loud music. There are also many plants and animals in the area, sometimes invisibly contributing to our well-being. Please take care of them, do not tear the plants, or scare the animals. Not everyone likes dogs, so do not take your pets to this part of the park. They can explore the whole City Park and the 3 new dog parks.


We have created this special garden for your enjoyment. Anything that endangers your physical safety is strictly forbidden.

  • Don’t stay without permission in fenced areas, areas that are not open to public or temporarily closed!
  • Don’t climb over the glass railings!
  • It is forbidden and life-threatening to climb, stay or walk on the parapet running along the edge of the roof! 
  • Don’t fly a drone over the green roof without permission!
  • No graffiti allowed!
  • Don’t set fire or engage in any activity that causes fire!