Entrance tickets

Purchasing tickets

Tickets are available at several points in the Museum of Ethnography. Visitors can buy tickets at the two main entrances on the ground floor and on the exhibition floor. Three ticketing kiosks will be available from the end of May, allowing contactless payment.

Please keep your ticket until the end of your visit, the toilets in the building will open with the QR code on the ticket on the day of its validity.

Entrance tickets Full price/ person Age 6-26/
Retired (age 62-70) / person (50%)
Zoom 1.700 HUF 850 HUF

Yanomami. Spirits. Survivors.

3.000 HUF 1.500 HUF

I find thee with God, my brother!

1.500 HUF 750 HUF
Suspension of Disbelief 1.500 HUF 750 HUF
All in combined ticket * 4.500 HUF 2.250 HUF
Family all-in ticket **
(2 adults + maximum 3 children up to 18 years)
6.900 HUF -
All-in group ticket (from 10 persons) * 3.800 HUF 1.900 HUF
1 hour all-in ticket ***
(available 1,5 hours before closing)
1.900 HUF 950 HUF
MÉTA ticket 500 HUF 250 HUF
MÉTA group ticket with 45-60 minutes museum education session **** 850 HUF 850 HUF
MÉTA group ticket with 90-minute session **** 1.100 HUF 1.100 HUF
Photo ticket
(For camera, camera-stand and telephoto lens)
700 HUF 700 HUF

All tickets are valid for an additional 10 days in the MÉTA space.

The ticket includes 2 hours of free parking in the Museum Underground Parking (Múzeum Mélygarázs). Before leaving, validate your ticket at the information desk at Entrance I or at the garage attendant.

The QR code on the ticket opens the toilets in the building.

Right of modification reserved, valid until revoked.


Guided tours Full price/ person Age 6-26,
Retired (62 years and over)/ person
BASIC guided tour
(10 to 20 person) [1]
1000 HUF 1000 HUF
BASIC ENG guided tour
(10 to 20 person) [1]
1300 HUF 1300 HUF
CURATOR comprehensive and thematic guided tour
(5 to 20 person) [1]
1300 HUF 1300 HUF
CURATOR ENG guided tour
(5 to 20 person) [1]
1690 HUF 1690 HUF
MÉTA gallop guided tour for students
(10 to 20 person) [2]
- 800 HUF
MÉTA gallop ENG guided tour for students
(10 to 20 person) [2]
- 1000 HUF
MÉTA walk HU
(from 10 person) [3]
- 1500 HUF
(10 to 20 person) [3]
- 1950 HUF
Building walk HU
(in a group of max. 20 person) [3]
1500 HUF 1500 HUF

[1] Exhibition ticket and and pre-registration required.

[2] Zoom exhibition ticket and and pre-registration required.

[3] Pre-registration required, does not include exhibitions.

[4] Does not include exhibitions.


* 10% Ethnoshop discount!

** Additional children / 500 HUF + 10% Ethnoshop discount!

*** Can be purchased 1,5 hour before closing.

**** Zoom  exhibition ticket and  and pre-registration required.




Permanent and temporary exhibitions are free of charge for EEA citizens who:

a) is under 6 years of age

b) a person with a disability within the meaning of Article 4(a) of Act XXVI of 1998 on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Ensuring Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities (hereinafter referred to as a "person with disabilities"),

c) accompanies a disabled person (up to 1 person),

d) holds a professional pass issued by the Minister,

e) is a member of a national professional organisation for public collections with at least 400 members (Pulszky Society - Hungarian Museum Association, Hungarian Association of Librarians, Hungarian Association of Archivists)

f) * a teacher working in the field of public education, a teacher working in the field of vocational training,

g) over 70 years of age.



The ICOM international professional organisation card entitles you to free admission to the exhibitions.



On the 3rd Saturday of each month, permanent exhibitions are free of charge for Hungarian and other EEA nationals who:

a) are under 26 years of age,

b) * accompanied by a person under 18 years of age and his/her close relative (up to 2 persons) within the meaning of the Civil Code (hereinafter: Civil Code).



On national holidays as defined in Article J(1) of the Fundamental Law (15 March, 20 August, 23 October), exhibitions in museums are open to the public free of charge, regardless of nationality.



50% discount for Hungarian and EEA citizens:

a) between 6 and 26 years old

b) between 62 and 70 years old

c) * for at least two persons under the age of 18 accompanied by up to 2 close relatives