Written by János Gyarmati

Pre-Columbian Pottery from Mesoamerica and the Central Andes in the Museum of Ethnography in Budapest

Collection Catalogue

Union Académique International and the Museum of Ethnography, Budapest, 2009. 144 p.

The 8300 pieces in the America Collection of the Museum of Ethnography includes 3150 archaeological finds, of which 220 pieces from Mesoamerica and the Central Andes are described in this catalogue. There were published every vessels, figurines, musical instruments, stamps, pipes etc. made of pottery kept in the Pre-Columbian Collection of the Museum of Ethnography omitting the fragments of vessels and figurines.

In the introductory part of the catalogue was described the history of the collection corresponding to the material published in the recent volume and was briefly surveyed the ceramic art of Mesoamerica and Central Andes with the main emphasis on the cultures and styles represented by the pieces in the collection.

The Introduction is completed with chronological charts including the main Pre-Columbian cultures and styles and maps showing the finding spots of the objects identifiable from the different kinds of written documents of the Museum of Ethnography.

The second part of the catalogue includes the description of 220 objects with colour photos and together with drawings of 40 pieces.