Edited by: János Gyarmati

Taking Them Back...

Hungarian Collectors - Non-European Collections of the Museum of Ethnography in a European Context


Museum of Ethnography, Budapest, 2008. 381 p.


János Gyarmati : The Museum of Ethnography and its exotic collections 1

Edina Földessy : The Africa Collection 27

Balázs Borsos : "If still alive, my next report will be about Lake Rudolf and Lake Stephanie" - The East African collection of the Teleki expedition 67

János Gyarmati : The America Collection 83

Vilma Főzy : "Only the dreams of true magicians come true" - Lajos Boglár and the Amazonia Collection of the Museum of Ethnography 135

Gábor Wilhelm : The Asia and Indonesia Collections 151

Gábor Wilhelm : In search of the ancestral homeland in Asia - Benedek Baráthosi Balogh's ethnographic collection from the Amur region and Japan 191

Gábor Vargyas: The Oceania Collection 207

Anna Biró: "...my intention has never been the mere collection of ethnographica..." Lajos Biró: the Collector and his Collection 249

Judit Antoni: The lure of adventure - Count Rudolf Festetics's Oceanic collection 281

References 313

List of Figures 335

Appendix 339

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