Artefact Loans

Artefact Loans

Guide for borrowing artefacts from the Museum of Ethnography


Change effective January, 2016 regarding individual research conducted among the collections of the Museum of Ethnography
The year 2015 witnessed the start of preliminary work on the Museum’s move to its new facilities.  The work in question, which affects primarily its artefact collections, will grow in importance during the year 2016.  During the period to come, the institution will be fundamentally occupied with a complete overview of its material holdings, including audits, assessments, and warehouse organisation.  To facilitate ease of interim retrieval, the planning of the new storage system, and rationalisation of work, while reorganisation is taking place, the Museum will be forced to limit access to its collections for the purposes of research.


  • Starting 1 January 2016, we will be suspending all lending of artefacts to institutions other than museums.
  • Starting 1 January 2016, no artefacts of any kind will be loaned from the textiles and clothing, furniture and lighting, agriculture, transportation, or construction collections, nor will these collections be open to researchers.
  • Starting 1 March 2016, all lending of artefacts and all research among the museum’s collections will be suspended indefinitely.

For the time being, these measures will not affect researchers of the Ethnological Archives.

To all concerned, the Museum is grateful for your understanding and patience in this matter.


More information:

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