Museum of Ethnography 150. – Images. Objects. Events.

Interactive digital exhibition presenting 150 years of Museum of Ethnography’s history. 5/Mar/2023 - continuously

The Museum of Ethnography celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2022, and to mark the occasion, a digital interactive exhibition entitled Ethnographic Museum 150: Images, Objects, Events was created in the MÉTA space.

The digital exhibition highlights one or more events and happenings from each year of the Museum's history. Images of new buildings, relocations, exhibitions, prominent figures, outstanding acquisitions, collections, fieldwork, museum scientific achievements, or simple everyday events are brought to life in different periods. The period between 1871 and 2022 in the history of Hungary and humanity was a time of tragic and sublime events, which is also reflected in the museum's history. The interactive digital exhibition invites visitors to discover museum events from different eras, a 150-year journey through time.

As part of the digital exhibition, from 5th March 2024, objects from the collection of the Museum of Ethnography relating to the three events of the 150 years will be on display. 1880 was the only year in which no museum event could be identified, so an 1880s pastoral artifact, a scabies cutter, represents that year. A pewter bowl from 1847 is linked to the year 1920 and was part of the 2,000 pieces of the collection of metal objects that were compulsorily surrendered and then sorted by the museum staff in Budapest between 1916 and 1920 during the First World War. In 1908, Béla Bartók began his famous collection of Romanian folk music, and the original boxes of phonograph cylinders and a phonograph machine are on display.

Location: MÉTA space

Curators of the exhibition:
Tímea Bata
Hajnalka Fülöp
Péter Granasztói
Borbála Mészáros
Tamás Móser
Gabriella Paréj
Zsuzsanna Tasnádi
Magdalena Szabó
Anna Tihanyi

Project Manager:
Péter Granasztói

Marianna Berényi

Special thanks to:
Judit Csorba
Kinga Horváth

Digital application development: Back&Rosta Magic Wall

Project Manager: Katalin Medgyesi-Frank