World Press Photo 2003

18/Oct/2003 - 16/Nov/2003
The World Press Photo Contest is the largest and most prestigious competition in international photo journalism. Its pictures tell about world events, depict phenomena of the times, and explore the themes of nature, science, and art.


World Press Photo is an independent non-profit organisation founded in the Netherlands in 1955 with the objective of supporting and promoting the work of professional photojournalists around the world. Over the years it has become an independent forum for photographic journalism in general, as well as a promoter of the free and unrestricted flow of information.

In achieving these aims, World Press Photo holds an annual photography competition, the largest and most prestigious in the world. Winning pictures are put on tour and are viewed by over a million people in numerous countries. The exhibition is accompanied by a yearbook in seven languages that serves simultaneously as an exhibition catalogue and an intriguing independent document.

As the organisation observes developments in the field of photojournalism and organises its regular events, greater emphasis is given each year to educational programs, including seminars for photographers, photographic agencies, and editors organised in developing countries on several occasions annually.

World Press Photo is a travelling exhibit. In Hungary, it is organised by the Herald Press Agency under the leadership of Tamás Révész.