Ordinary Stories

27/Nov/2009 - 21/Mar/2010
There are many memories still preserved and long untold about the Hungarian volunteer troops stationed in Lapua, Finland during the Winter War in March 1940. The stories of elderly Lapuans shed light on the everyday life of local citizens in wartime, providing an insight into their relationship to the volunteer soldiers from distant lands.

The main goal of our project was to collect memories of locals, rather than making a historical review. All the material has been assessed during summer holidays in 2008 and 2009. We searched for interviewees through family, friends and advertisements in the local media.

The interviews describe smiling young Hungarians. Always cheerful and handsome soldiers whose poor skiing abilities brought a smile to the faces of Lapuan children. Although the ordinary life of the locals and soldiers is poorly documented, we can now picture their hardworking life, as well as the joyful moments.



NIINA ALA-FOSSI is an art teacher living in Budapest whose family lives in Lapua, Finland.

FERENC VILISICS is a biologist and lecturer at the Institute for Biology of Szent István University, Budapest.