Charming feathers

5/Mar/2014 - 9/Jun/2014
Lajos Boglár (1929-2004) was a famous Hungarian cultural anthropologist, who did his ethnographic fieldwork projects among different indian tribes in the Amazonian tropical forest. Through museum exhibitions, popular and academic lectures, and numerous articles and books published in various languages, Boglár took every opportunity to bring knowledge of native culture and the problems it faced to as wide an audience as possible.

The majority of Boglár?s Brazilian and Wajana collections were purchased by the Museum of Ethnography during his lifetime. Indeed, he kept his most prized pieces among his own personal property until his passing. With only a few exceptions, the 300 pieces purchased by the Museum in 2013 were decorative items notable primarily for their aesthetic value, including the some of the finest examples of Amazonian feathered art in existence.

The acquisition was funded from several sources, including a grant from the National Cultural Fund and the generous donations of several private individuals organized by the Symbiosis Foundation that Boglár himself founded. Meriting special mention is Richard de Unger, whose magnanimous donation contributed to the purchase of the final two artefacts, the most valuable in the collection. With this exhibition, the museum seeks to honour the memory of Lajos Boglár on the 85th anniversary of his birth, and 10th anniversary of his death.

Curator: Főzy Vilma