Hall Rental

With its spacious, elegant interiors, the Neo-Renaissance building of the Museum of Ethnography offers the perfect venue for organised events, lending an air of sophistication and individuality to dinners, recitations, concerts, fashion shows, press conferences, conferences, performances, and product demos alike. In recent years, the building has also gained popularity as a staging site for the shooting of advertisements and films.


With nearly 400 square metres of floor space, the building's Central Hall (Aula) is ideal for sit-down dinners of 230-250 or standing receptions of up to 350 attendees. For awards ceremonies, the Central Hall can be furnished with rows of chairs for a total seating of 200.

Located on the first floor, the Grand Hall (Díszterem, 200 square metres) is ideally sized for conferences (180-200 persons), concerts or recitations (150-180 persons), smaller standing receptions (150 persons), and special dinners (80-100 persons).

For conferences, two smaller rooms, the First Floor Library (50 seats) and the Second Floor Lecture Room (60 seats), may be used for concurrent sectional meetings.

For larger events, the Central Hall, first floor galleries, and Grand Hall may be rented together, accommodating sit-down dinners of up to 480 and standing receptions of up to 800 persons.


Events are accommodated at pre-arranged times, with plans executed according to a contract signed in advance by the museum and client.

The Museum of Ethnography is also pleased to have Gundel Restaurant as its official catering partner.

The building is not available for weddings.

Smoking is prohibited in all rooms at all times.


For more information, please contact the museum's event co-ordinator, Edith Nagel:
Tel.: +36-1-4732424
Fax: +36-1-4732431
email: nagele@neprajz.hu